Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We utilize Building Information Modeling (3D BIM) to represent our plumbing systems throughout the entire building in a 3-Dimensional digital model. This allows us to identify and eliminate all conflicts between our plumbing and the other MEP services before the ground is even broken, the building built, and before any services are installed. This advanced coordination process saves countless man-hours, project schedule time, and money.

Our 3D software helps us to be more creative by visualizing all three dimensions, width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of doing work in two dimensions (2D drawings). We can extract different views of our plumbing models, and we produce a variety of sections and isometric views for our installers to ease the installation, and avoid headaches for the owners.

We are changing how buildings and plumbing services are planned, designed, built, and managed through our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). We turn ordinary plumbing objects into insightful information and deliver value for your business during every step of this BIM process. Our BIM models will help you in automatic generation of drawings and reports, schedule simulation, facility management, design analysis, and much more. Our mastery of BIM encompasses the enter lifecycle of the building and its infrastructure, and therefore is a highly beneficial option for your business.

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